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1112, 2017

How to Allow Users to Edit or Delete Comments In WordPress without Logging-In?

Comments are part of your WordPress blog. When your blog grows, a community of followers grows around your blog. When there are followers, your blog [...]

912, 2017

[Solved] Destination Folder Already Exists Error In WordPress

If you are getting this error: Destination Folder Already Exists then you are on the right page. This is a most common error in WordPress which [...]

712, 2017

How to Change WordPress Database Prefix? Quick Steps

Security is a major concern for your online business. Any web-based system is vulnerable to attacks which may cause huge loss depending on your business. If [...]

612, 2017

9 Best WordPress Plugins to Hide, Add, Re-Arrange Admin Menu Items In WordPress Dashboard

WordPress plugins had become a part of blogging life. Without plugins, I couldn't imagine that BlashO is up and running. In fact, every WordPress blog [...]

412, 2017

How to Stop WordPress Login Attempts and Avoid Brute Force Attack on WordPress?

Security is one of the major concern online, especially for sites. WordPress is not an exception. As a blogger, we have to protect our blog [...]

212, 2017

How I Increase Blog Traffic? Exact Steps That I Follow to Increase My Blog Traffic – Part-I

Back in 2007, I started blogging and it was a complete self-learning process that I did myself. Right from setting up the domain name, the [...]

2911, 2017

Steps to Hide & Properly Redirect Affiliate Links In WordPress Blog

Affiliate links are part of your WordPress blog. You write blog posts and embed affiliate links in it. All you want to monetize your blog [...]

2711, 2017

SiteGround Review – The Ultimate Review of SiteGround Web Hosting for WordPress

SiteGround is a web hosting service that is crafted with care. This is what I read in the title of SiteGround website. Compared to other [...]

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