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2002, 2018

What is Media Library in WordPress? Meaning of Media Library

The Media Library is a section in the Administration area of the WordPress website. It contains all the media files such as images and videos [...]

1802, 2018

What are Meta Tags in WordPress? How to Add Meta Tags?

Meta means information about. Meta tags are the standard way of describing a web page to search engines.  The information shall be your website name, [...]

1702, 2018

What is Landing Page in WordPress? How to Easily Create it?

A landing page is a web page that is no way different from any web page. Landing pages are created to target a specific audience [...]

1702, 2018

What is Lightbox in WordPress?

Lightbox in WordPress allows showcasing images and other media on overlay formats. When an image is in a Lightbox, the image is displayed in an [...]

1702, 2018

What is Plugin in WordPress? Simple Steps to Install Plugin

A plugin is a piece of software that provides a specific functionality. In WordPress, plugins are software which enables extended functionality to your WordPress blog. [...]

1502, 2018

What is Multisite in WordPress? Steps to Setup Multisite in WordPress

As the name says, Multisite is a WordPress feature using it you can create multiple blogs. Each blog shall have a subdomain and sub-directory using [...]

1502, 2018

What is Hierarchy in WordPress? Meaning of Hierarchy

When you publish a post on WordPress, the content is stored in the database. For display purposes, WordPress uses the content from the database and [...]

1302, 2018

What are Hooks in WordPress? Meaning of Hooks

As a WordPress developer or a blogger, you might want some additional functions or modified functionality in your WordPress blog. In such cases, WordPress provides [...]

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