The best part of affiliate marketing is driving traffic to your affiliate link. The volume of traffic and how well you are driving targeted traffic matters. It is required to spread your affiliate link to the maximum extent. The more you create exposure, chances of getting more visitors. It is also required to get linked from quality pages which gets more traffic.

  • This article is for those who want to spread out their affiliate links to the best places of Internet. This way, you will make more sales and earn more affiliate commissions.

Though there are many sites/forums to spread your links, interestingly not all websites allow you to add your affiliate links. Here is the 5 best places to instantly add your affiliate links free of cost.

Note: Hubpages, Squidoo are not allowing affiliate links anymore, however you can link using iframed HTML pages (check this tool).

Add To Hubpages.

Hubpages – This is one of the best hub of Internet to find information rich articles. The simple way, create your own hubs. Write articles about the affiliate product and add your affiliate links. You could even make your hub page as same as the sales page.

List down the affiliate product features and specialties, add your affiliate links. Moreover, hubpages are loved by search engines and it gets search traffic. The best part you could easily get linked with other similar hubs to drive more traffic to your hub pages. This way, more chances of sending visitors to your affiliate links.

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Add To Squidoo.

Squidoo is another option same like hubpages. Create your own lens and write articles on the topic related to the affiliate product. In squidoo, it is allowed to add affiliate links. Squidoo too drives more search engine traffic. Use the right keywords for your article which directly reflects to sell product. For example, “Buy best personal finance software” is a laser focused long tail keyword.

5 Best...

Using Related Forums.

Digital Point Forum is one of the best webmaster forum. It is allowed to add affiliate links into your signatures. If you are selling webmaster related products like Internet marketing, make money products, seo products then DP is the best place to find targeted visitors. Still date, i am getting a decent amount of traffic every day to my blog from DP forum. Learn more Tips on forum marketing.

Using Blog Comments.

Blog commenting is one of the best way to spread out your affiliate links. While writing a comment, leave your affiliate link. But not all blog are allowing this to happen.

List down the blogs in your topic and see the old comments, if you see they have allowed to add affiliate links then go ahead to add yours. The earlier if you write comments, chances for getting more clicks on your affiliate link. Tips on comment marketing.

Using Twitter.

Twitter is the best place quickly spread out your affiliate product. Build a huge list of Twitter followers and tweet messages about your affiliate product. But spread your affiliate link on Twitter less often because it degrades your value from your followers. Learn to use the tool that helps to increase twitter followers instantly.

When it comes to spreading your affiliate links both Quantity & Quality matters. The maximum number of links you spread through out the Internet gives more traffic to your affiliate page. When you add affiliate links to the right page (related to the product), it sends quality + targeted visitors.This is one of the best way to increase the chances of getting more visitors, more sales and hence making more money from your affiliate networks.

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