As part of the series of making money from Internet, will see about Affiliate Marketing now. I have written many articles on affiliate marketing and this article is simpler to understand completely about affiliate marketing business especially for beginners. One of the easy to start and simple to operate online business is affiliate marketing. I would say, its like a game of profit and loss. You may have to invest money, it either gives you profit or loss. But when operating through right steps, affiliate business never fails.

Lets see those clear and simple steps for making money using affiliate marketing especially written for beginners.

Step 1: What is Affiliate Marketing ?

Affiliate Marketing is the method of selling others product/service and earning commissions. The earning depends on the product that you select and the amount of commission you receive for each sale. Your work as an affiliate marketer is selecting a product and to sell it. It really easy to sell in Internet.

Step 2: Where To Start ?

Don’t worry, you don’t need to invest a huge money to start an affiliate business. There are affiliate networks which has the list of products available for sale. You have to join the network and pick any products. Clickbank is one of the best and easy to understand network especially for beginners. CJ, Google Affiliates, Azoogle are few to mention & I have a great list of programs here.

Step 3: Identify Market Demand.

Because this a business which involves market/product/sales, you must analyze the market demand. Tools like Google Keyword Tool, Wordtracker, SEObook takes keywords as inputs and tells you the demand in market. This analysis is based on the volume of search happening on search engines especially on Google & Yahoo. A market with high demand will have higher competition & it is good enough to select a moderately demanding market.

List down the markets/topics/products that you find moderately demanding.

Lets Market

Step 4: How To Select Affiliate Product ?

After joining clickbank or CJ, you will be given with an account (username & password). Now you have to search for products. Enter the same keywords that you listed in the previous step & look for available products. Select 1 or 2 products which adds value to buyer. Keep in mind, only a quality product which solves a problem will make you good sales. You will be given with an affiliate link (referral link) and now you have to drive traffic/visitors to that link. More tips for affiliate selection.

Step 5: Making Money via Paid Methods.

Once you got the affiliate link, simply go to Google Adwords. Register and get an account (it costs very less to join). Login and create an advertisement. Your Ad carries the affiliate link and it appears on search engines (have you seen “Sponsored Links” on the top/side while searching on Google?). You have to map keywords to the advertisement so that it will appear for a particular keyword when the user dos a search. You should work better with Ads CTR.

For example, few keywords are “buy finance book”, “download finance book” etc. in case if you are selling finance books. Yahoo Search Marketing is another system like Adwords.

Step 6: Making Money via Free Methods.

There are always free ways for affiliate sales traffic. Instead of spending money on advertisements, you could write about the product & publish on Internet. Web sites like,, are few sites where you could submit articles along with the affiliate links. You article gets free visitors from search engines, visitors may click the affiliate link & buys the product. Its totally free to sell.

Step 7: Importance of Keywords.

In affiliate marketing, keywords are more important. Because either you follow paid method or free method to sell the product, you have to select wiser keywords. Keywords decides the source of visitors coming to your affiliate link. Keywords should exactly reflect, “how visitors do search ?”. So keep visitors in mind in fixing keywords. This article may help you to select keywords for targeted traffic.

Step 8: Repeat Your Steps.

You are done. Understood affiliate marketing. Earning commissions. Now you could repeat these steps to sell multiple products. Operating the affiliate business takes very less time. Say, 30 minutes every day.

Each of these steps may look simpler but you should be careful especially in selecting a product & using the keywords. Go through the articles that i have linked under each steps, it helps you to explore more on the topic. Investing less time is the major advantage of affiliate marketing and its one of the best part time work for making money from Internet.

Also, don’t miss to see these videos on Clickbank for Beginners.

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