The process of marketing your blog from scratch is highly coupled to your blogging aim and you should market your blog through out the life cycle of blogging. Its one of the most toughest part of blogging too.

Blogging doesn’t stops with producing useful content and making money. Anyone could write on the topic, if they master with knowledge. And it is not like, people will come to your blog and it markets by itself.

You have to show your blog to the world. You have to show your brand. You have to make people to love your blog. All these doesn’t happens in a day or two. It takes time and you should not sit idle, by just writing content no one will come to read !

In order to explore on how to market your blog ? I have classified this entire process into two models:

  • On Blog Marketing, which involves activities on your blog and it prepares your blog for marketing.
  • Off Blog Marketing, which involves activities which pulls in visitors to the prepared blog blog to market by itself.

Lets go into the topic….

On Blog Marketing Model.

On blog marketing is the process of making your into blog better shape. You have to make a professional look n feel for your blog. You have to build a brand for your blog. You should serve the visitors with what they need !

Blog Branding.

Branding is the art of creating a remembrance, shape and visualization for your business. Blogs are not in the exception, it should have a branded feel. Branding a blog is not toughest job now-a-days, with few steps you could complete change your blog upside down. Branding shows even a smaller blog into big.

To make the steps simple:

  • A Logo – Your blog needs a logo. If you say, Yahoo your mind gets that Y Logo. That’s called branding. Make an eye catchy logo which resembles your blog topic. Keep it simple.
  • A Slogan – Write a short slogan below the logo which should reflect the aim of your blog. For example, i use the slogan “Anatomy of Online Business” that means, i am covering everything about online business.
  • Colors/Fonts – Using the right combination of colors through out the blog gives a branded impression. Also, use appropriate font size for headings, text, links etc. in common across the blog. Use a professionally looking theme/layout which have everything branded for your blog especially on colors/fonts.

Learn those 3 steps to brand your blog.

Bite This Brand !

Bite This Brand !

Serving Visitor Needs.

Serving the visitors need is also part of branding. It actually gives a good feel about your blog. Because many of Internet users are information seekers and if your blog feeds them with required information, you win. It creates the best impression about your blog and it tells the visitors that you are so much cared on them !

Blogging is not only sharing, its Caring Too ! Always, Serve your visitors with quality information.

On Page SEO.

SEO is one of the major part of marketing your blog. I would recommend beginners to read, Google’s SEO guide which makes you to understand what SEO is and how to use in your blog ?

To keep it short and simple:

  • Use Keywords which are searched by visitors on the blog post Titles.
  • Have subheadings in your post.
  • Highlight the important points in your article.
  • Use lists/bullets to convey the message as crispy.
  • Use multimedia content like images, videos.
  • Link to your own relevant articles.
  • Link to other sites articles which are useful to your readers.
  • Have an easy to navigate blog design.

SEO helps you to bring in real visitors from search engines and branding helps you to keep those visitors in your blog for years !

An Active Blog.

Make your blog active. Write more useful information frequently, which makes people to come to your blog again and again.

Asking questions, Polling, encouraging comments, conducting blog contests are few ideas which makes your blog active always. See here for blog contest ideas.

Off Blog Marketing Model.

Now its time to go out of your blog for marketing. Blogging is networking. The maximum you build your network, it gives back maximum results. Its all about, how you are spreading the words about your blog in Internet. Using tools, articles etc. you have to spread your blog to maximum extent using reliable methods. That’s called Off Blog Marketing model.

Social Media Tools.

Lets Socialize...

Lets Socialize...

Social media tools are gifts to blogger’s and your blog must integrate with these tools. At least integrate Twitter and Facebook which are famous as of now. Use these tools to build your network. The advantage is that, it goes viral.

An information from your blog, if you share it with your network, it spreads to your readers network again and again. That’s Going Viral.

I have 1000 followers, my follower has 1000 more followers and his follower has 1000 more followers. Just think, how it spreads !

There are many application tools for twitter and facebook which helps you to simply grow your network with more targeted followers/fans. Find a handy tool which makes this process simpler.

Recently, i tried Buzzom especially to manage my twitter account, its good.

Common Blog Marketing Methods.

Apart from these marketing approaches, there are few commonly followed methods. These methods are unavoidable and you must pay attention to use these methods also.

  • Guest Posting – Write guest posts on popular blogs on your topic which creates more visibility about your blog to wider audience. It also gives back you traffic/links. Want to write a guest post on this blog ?
  • Article Marketing – Write articles and submit them to article sharing sites like ezinearticles, articlebase etc. Use Hubpages, Squidoo and link back to your blog from your hub/lens. Learn article marketing tips.
  • Blog Commenting – Write comments on other blogs in your topic which encourages to find new people and also you will get some traffic, exposure. This blog is dofollow !
  • Using Forum – Use forums to discuss with similar people and it helps to show that you are master in your topic. Help other forum users. Add your blog link to signature too. Learn forum marketing tips.
  • Bookmarking Sites – Use bookmarking sites like Digg, Mixx, Stumble etc. to spread your articles. Encourage your network to promote your shared articles too. It drives lot of quick traffic.


Finally, marketing a blog from scratch is not a simple task. It requires investment of more time and you have to work smarter. And you could not see the results immediately. You must need patience.

A simply branded blog with useful information which gives a purpose to visit, promotes by itself with little marketing steps !

Idea: There are many disadvantages for building a site from scratch. If you don’t want to struggle with all these methods, simply buy an established blog !

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