Affiliate marketing is one of the profitable way of money making online. Generally, beginners want to know, how long it takes to make money from affiliate marketing ? This is the very basic question for many of the beginner marketers.

  • People do expect everything faster. They want to earn as soon as they start their work, some people want to earn even before doing work :-)

So this article is for those beginners, who are finding a way or yet to make money from affiliate marketing.

What Do Your Need To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing ?

First of all, will see what exactly you need to make money. Understanding this would help you check, what you know already ? and what you don’t know ?

  • Traffic First – When you want to sell affiliate products in Internet, your first requirement is Traffic. Yes, people has to come to your affiliate link or sales page. More traffic, increases the chances of selling. Did you get more traffic ? Learn the ways for bringing traffic to make money from affiliate marketing.
  • Conversion – Conversion is the second most important need. When you are getting visitors, how do you make them to buy the product ? That’s conversion. You should be able to convince the visitor to click the order button. Content marketing and effective link placement helps here. Learn how to convert traffic into money ?
  • Your Audience – Do you know, who are all your audience ? I mean, are they beginners ? are they experts ? When you know that, you could sell products accord to their needs, which increases the chances of conversion.
  • Quality Product – You must promote a quality product, which “Solves the buyer problem“. Will you ever buy a less quality product ? No, right ?
  • Commission – As an affiliate marketer, you have to promote products which earns high commission. As a beginner, if you want to make money with low traffic, you should go for high commission products because you could not sell more.

These are 4 basic requirements that you need to make money ! Do you have, all these in hand ?

Okay, Tell Me, How Long It Takes ?

Looks Affiliate marketing is simpler…

How Long It Takes ?

How Long It Takes ?

Just select a quality product from Clickbank or CJ, write a product review, add the affiliate link and publish it online (see, the web sites to add & spread affiliate link free of cost). That’s it. It takes not more than 2 hours to complete.

Now keep the “needs” we discussed earlier in mind:

  • Do that article drives traffic ?
  • Do that article converts ?
  • Do you address right audience ?
  • What problem the affiliate product solves ?
  • What about its commission ?

When you have a clear answer for all these questions, making money with affiliate marketing doesn’t takes time ! You could make it to happen in 2 days or 4 days or in a week or even in the first day !

  • When you are not able to achieve all these, just work to bring Traffic ! you will make money the next minute…

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