Here is the Dreamhost promo code for this month November 2015. You all know Dreamhost is one of the famous web hosting providers and they are leading the market from past years. There are more than 500K+ websites hosted by Dreamhost and that figure grows every day.

Even I came to know that Dreamhost had donated more than $200K+ as of today to various charities and they have hosted many non-profit websites – good. As I am getting a great response from Dreamhost users, I continue to release the promo codes every month. Thanks for your support.

Promo Code For November 2015:

  • Offer #1 : Use DHNOV – Take $60 discount on 1 Year hosting or $70 on 2 Years hosting purchase.
  • Offer #2 : Use DHFREEDOM – Take $55 discount on 1 Year hosting + 1 FREE domain name or $65 discount on 2 Years hosting + 1 FREE domain name
  • Offer #3 : If the above codes are not working, use the standard codeĀ WORKING and take $50 discount on any purchase from Dreamhost.

If you are first time Dreamhost user then you can spend some time to understand the features of Dreamhost. Let’s discuss the major features:

  • With Dreamhost web hosting service, you get access to create an unlimited number of SQL databases. That means you can create many WordPress blogs with a single web hosting account.
  • You get unlimited storage space and also, unlimited bandwidth so that you can transfer data anytime 24×7 non-stop to/from your website.
  • All the hosted websites are running with Debian Linux, one of the robust and highly secured operating system.
  • It supports different types of e-mail protocols like IMAP, POP, SMTP etc. which comes with mail filtering and spam filtering features.
  • You can also create auto-responders with your Dreamhost email account.
  • Like unlimited domain option, you can also host unlimited sub-domains with a single Dreamhost account.
  • Like any other web hosting service, Dreamhost supports almost all the famous and well-known programming platforms like PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails etc.
  • It comes with integrated Jabber Chat server solution as well as the famous cafe commerce solution which helps to build reliable e-commerce websites quicker.
  • You can install WordPress blog with the famous one-click system which quickly brings your blog up in few minutes.
  • Apart from WordPress, Dreamhost supports other CMS like phpBB, Pligg, Moodel, Joomla etc.
  • It also has the daily data backup feature as well as traffic stats for your websites.
  • When you sign up, you get $75 Google Adwords credit, as well as you, take Risk-Free 97-day money back guarantee.
  • Anytime, you can upgrade your hosting account to get Unique IP, VPN Access, SSL support etc. from Dreamhost.

For those who don’t know, Dreamhost is providing 3 different type of hosting solutions: Shared hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting. If you are building a small website or blog then go for Shared hosting. Otherwise, go for VPS or dedicated hosting when you own large scale website which attracts a lot of visitors.

Further, Dreamhost is providing 24×7 customer support and you can always refer to their support forum and wiki page to clear your doubts.

Hope you understand the major features of Dreamhost web hosting service. To help you further, I have a huge collection of Dreamhost Promo Code – you can bookmark that page and use the promo codes anytime you make a purchase from Dreamhost.

You can also sign up for Dreamhost here.

Thanks for your time. Enjoy discounts every time….

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