Comment marketing had became one of the most important Internet marketing strategy for your web site. With the increased number of interactive blogs, there are more opportunities towards being interactive with others. Either to a blog owner or to the network of people who have related mind set. Interactiveness is one of the recent topics of online marketing apart from interfering with regular social media tools like Twitter or Facebook.

  • Simply saying, writing comments on other blogs is a marketing technique. It has much more advantages in terms of bringing in Referral traffic, off-page SEO benefits (backlinks) and real interaction with others.

Lets see few practical tips for comment marketing which really works !

Where To Write Comment ?

The foremost step, you should know where to write a comment ?

That means, on which are all the blogs you are going to write comments. To inherit the benefits of writing comment, you should write on “Related Blogs”. Related blogs in the sense, the content or topic of your site should match with that site.

For example, if your site is related to personal finance then at least you should write comments on sites related to finance and business. This way, you could bring in more similar audience to your site who are already reading there. Hence writing comments on related blogs will bring in Targeted Referral Traffic.

Write It Well...

Write It Well…

How To Write Comment ?

Next comes, how to write comment ?

Most of the people write comments for “nothing”, “unrelated”, “generic” too. Basically, they are called “Comment Spammers”. It actually kills your reputation and the blog owner may not approve your comments.

Instead, while writing a comment think :“I am going to add value to this article”, “I am going to put my thoughts or suggestion here”. In that sense, for sure, you will write better comments.

  • Bring out the points which are not covered by the blog owner.
  • Suggest your ideas or your own experience with others.
  • Leave a link to your own article which closely matches or adds value to that post (no one will reject your comment).
  • Ask questions.
  • Answer questions.

By doing this, readers find your comment valuable and for sure, they will come to your site expecting similar stuff !

When To Write Comment ?

Definitely, you don’t need to worry “when to write a comment ?”.

Anytime, you see an useful blog post, you could leave a comment there. But, what if you comment as the very first person. Especially on a high traffic blog, if you leave a comment first, you will see a huge increase in your sites traffic. Yes, its natural.

As soon as the readers of that high traffic blog finds your first comment (which is valuable), they will come to your site. This way, you could redirect the regular readers to your site and to make them your own readers going forward.

Take chances whenever possible to solve problems. This way, you could stand out from reset of the commenter.

Respecting Comment Rules.

The most important factor while leaving comments on other blogs, obey the rules set by the blog owners. Many bloggers don’t allow to have keywords in comment URL. Also, many don’t allow to add affiliate links in the comment body. Understand the rules (if any) and stick to that. This way, you could make sure that the time you spend on writing comments won’t go waster.

Dofollow or Nofollow commenting (from SEO Perspective).

Its a tough discussion, either you comment on dofollow or nofollow blogs. This argument is probably dead. Many people believe that commenting only on dofollow blogs has SEO benefits.

  • But I believe (or if you think from search engine point of view), its more about the relevancy and from where you are linked.
  • For sure, search engines like Google and Yahoo could easily differentiate a link as either “comment link” or “original link”.
  • So it doesn’t matter either you comment on dofollow or nofollow blogs.
  • Instead, focus towards the relevancy of content between the sites, that’s more important in SEO.

To summarize the comment marketing tips:

  • Write comments on blogs which are related to your site.
  • Always write useful and interactive comments.
  • Early the comment, more the benefits.
  • Give respect to bloggers comment rules and regulations.
  • Don’t bother, its dofollow or nofollow.

Comment marketing is one of the proven method to get targeted traffic to your site. Interestingly, you could do that free of cost and at your own convenient time. Recently, i have increased or started to write more comments on other related blogs, soon i will share you the results of that experiment and how that affects my blog.


Comment Marketing Tips For Your Blog And Inheriting Benefits From Other Sites

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