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How To Create A Blog? Using My Famous 5-Steps

I remember 7 years back, I was searching for how to create a blog? At that time, I found very less information on the web and without anyone’s help; it was not really a smooth process. I simply moved on with guts, doing all trial-and-errors to create my first blog. After creating 30+ blogs, today I became an expert in creating blogs and I am much more comfortable with the entire process. I would say, creating a blog is simple…

~ Ven Tesh

Follow My Steps

Takes less than 30-minutes to setup

No Technical Knowledge

Create Your Blog

Start blogging, no hassles

Reach Your Goals

Grow Your Blog

Turn into online business

Make Money From Your Blog

Here are My 5 Famous Steps to Create your First Blog…Without any Hassles!

Today, I am sharing you the exact steps that I do and you can just replicate the same steps. You don’t need any technical knowledge or any programming skills. You don’t need more money. You don’t need to spend hours of your valuable time. Only the basic knowledge of using the web is well enough and it takes less than 30 minutes only.

  • Find Your Passion
  • Explore Your Interests
  • Make Sure It Has “Demand”
idea to decide blog topic

Step 1: Decide Your Blog Topic

First of all, you have to decide on what exactly is your blog topic?

To make the correct decision just go by your own Passion.

The one topic that you are always interested in your life. Without being passionate about that topic, you can’t write a blog about it. I am passionate about blogs and blog creation. I love to see people like you, creating blogs by following my steps. This helps me to keep going positively without any setback.

You can blog about anything like cooking recipes, drawing tips, gadgets, technology, health tips, cricket/IPL, spirituality, Bollywood, Hollywood, photography etc.

Don’t limit yourself.

At the same time, it is also important to find a topic where there is generally a demand available or in other words, where you can find enough readers who are interested in that topic. This helps to quickly scale up your blog to a great extent and also, helps to generate a decent income from your blog in the long run.

Step 2: Setup Your Own Webhosting Space

What is Webhosting Space? In simple terms, it is the space where you keep all the contents of your blog. Contents can be anything like articles, images, links etc.

This is something like the home of your blog, from where the web pages are severed to your visitors.

There are lots of free blogs hosting companies where you can keep all the contents of your blog like, However, they all have serious disadvantages:

  • You are NOT the owner of your blog.
  • You do NOT own all your blog content and pages.
  • You CANNOT customize the blog design that won’t help you for future enhancements.
  • There’s lot of account SUSPENSION which always happens with a free blog hosting platforms.
  • You are CONTROLLED and can be STOPPED from blogging by their moderators.
  • You CANNOT find a beautiful + professional name like instead you have to use some junk name like

More the chances are that you may lose your Hard Work and Time that won’t come back once spent.

Important: When you set up your own web hosting space, you can simply overcome all the above-mentioned disadvantages.

(Use coupon code: BLASHOGET25 and get 25% discount)

(Use coupon code: BLASHOGET25 and get 25% discount)

  • I have tried lot of web hosting companies in the past and faced varied experiences
  • I have used Hostgator, Bluehost, Godaddy in the past 6 Years without any technical issues under reasonable price
  • All these webhosting companies have user friendly interface with better uptime guaranteed
  • They have 24×7 customer support [via phone and email]
  • Use Short Name
  • Shall have keyword in name
  • Use Easy to Remember Name

Step 3: Pick Your Blog/Domain Name

Domain name is the identity of your blog. People will remember and visit your blog using your domain name only. Owning a domain like makes you feel you proud and happy.

Picking the right name for your blog is one of the crucial steps because you can’t change your domain name every day (that means you are unfocused in your work).

I have made this step very simple and straightforward.

  • Keyword based Domain Name – You can choose a domain name with a keyword in it. For example, if your blog is about cooking you can have a name like tastyrecipe or spicytips.
  • Non-Keyword based Domain Name – You can also choose a brand name like me. I preferred to have a rhyming name like instead of using a keyword in it.

It’s totally your own choice. Always keep in mind that your domain name must be easy to remember and also, shorter so that your visitors can easily say/type it.

Step 4: Install Blog Content Management System

You got a decent blog name and a reliable web hosting space. The next step is to install a content management system; this is piece software that takes care of your blog content.

There are lots of content management software’s available in the Internet and WordPress is the most popular one.

It is FREE as well as an open source software.

You get unlimited number of themes/plugins for free that helps to create professional design for your blog without any coding/technical knowledge. That’s the power of open source.

Your Hostgator webhosting already comes with WordPress system and you can install it in just few clicks.

Watch the video and follow the exact steps to install WordPress.

  • According to the latest survey by W3tech, WordPress is used in 60.4% of websites in the world.

Watch the below video to Install WordPress on Hostgator.

How To Install Blog?

Click the below image and browse through the steps to Publish your first article.

how to publish first blog post

Step 5: Publishing Your First Blog Post

Wow. You are almost done.

1) Login to your new blog, the login page will be:

2) Enter the user name, password and click Login.

3) This is the dashboard of your blog from where you can publish articles and do all the configurations related to your blog.

4) Go to Posts > New Post

5) Enter a catchy title for your post.

6) Write the main content of your post, it will be automatically saved by itself.

7) Once you are done with your article, click Publish.

8) Now visit your blog, you can see your first blog post live.

Bonus Step: Welcome to the World of Blogging

You have successfully created your own blog. You own a website. You can feel proud about yourself.

This is the beginning…

There are lots of stuff you have to learn and apply in order to build a successful blog.

  • Define why you want a blog and what is your goal?
  • Make a plan to achieve your blogging goal and follow it strictly.
  • Learn to write a blog. Regularly post useful information in your blog that should help the readers. Never change your blog topic, always be focused on your primary blog topic.
  • Learn to get more traffic to your blog. Explore more about search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing etc. all these techniques will help to increase your blog traffic.
  • Learn to monetize your blog. Explore more about affiliate marketing, Ad networks, product creation in order to turn your WordPress blog into a money making online business.

If you have any queries or doubts related to blogging, you can always contact me. I will get back to you with my reply.

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